What’s my name got to do with my destiny? — Are our names our destiny?

Mom — pregnant, almost about to deliver me. That night she wakes my dad up and says “It’s time!” As my dad preparing my mom for the hospital, he whispers “ I saw this singer in my dream, the one who came out with the new song — Yalan (means ‘Lie’ in Turkish) Let’s name our daughter after her.“ Mom likes the song and agrees. That’s how I got my name.

Years past, 2008- I’m sitting at a class in Los Angeles about “Names and Destiny”. The facilitator shares: Your name, as well as many other things like your birthdate, holds signs towards your destiny; towards your mission in life. When you become aware of the “seed level” energies — consciousness’ in them, you can guess how your destiny will unfold. Huh? Now it’s getting interesting.

First thing I did was to call my mom and find out the details of my “given name”.

The song I was named after, is about a woman with a broken heart. She loves the man so deeply yet one day she finds out that her lover is lying to her. Oh great! And then I checked the life of the singer… oh, Godddd! Her life is full of pain, poverty, broken relationships, getting beaten up by her husbands, miscarriage — yet she was transforming her pain into art, lyrics, and songs. I looked back to my past relationships — No, not really, this has not been my destiny. All my past lovers, they loved me truly, I was the only one for them, treated me like a princess — surprised me with flowers, presents, treasure hunts, tropical holidays, they were successful, won awards and said: “I did it for you.” All of them were kind, caring, providing, inspiring and loving. Without an exception, all of them proposed too. Hmm, guess facilitator was wrong? But how can it be? And, so now what?

Well, check this out: The time I “became aware” and started to “believe” in the information the spiritual facilitator shared, my reality shifted. Between 2009 and 2014 I experienced relationships which were abusive, emotionally, verbally, 2 broken engagements on the same date!!! different years, same reason “Lie”. Wow, can it be just a coincidence?

Funny enough at the beginning of 2015 after letting go off an engagement — guess why? “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies:)” I decided to look deeper into my name’s meaning and as I was searching I came across “the original” song which the singer I was named after covered it later in Turkey. And the original song has no lyrics of “lies” in it — the song is all about Love — “Amor Amor” by Lolita Flore. Huh, one of my nicknames per to how I dress is Lolita:) Coincidence? I do not know but what I know is my “destiny” is changing. Lolita was a singer had a good marriage with an actor and 3 kids too. Well, that’s better destiny — Thank you! Yet she lost her life to breast cancer. God forbid. Hmm, so how to take full charge or even alter my destiny towards a powerful, loving creation?

My growth came when I realized that I do not have to experience life the way I‘ve been told. We shift our reality by letting go of conditioning and self-limiting beliefs — It’s not what I see, hear and feel but “the meaning” I give to them shapes my destiny. Yes you are destined to live per to your creator’s seed level consciousness at the time of conceiving you but also in your heart you have been given the power of “Free Will” — you can alter your destiny, go above your astrological chart, the intent you’ve been engraved to your name, even your DNA from your parents, ancestors.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. — Tony Robbins” and I started to sing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1c2OfAzDTI

And if I can go above my astrological chart as well as the conciousness at the time of my creation, what is my true essence? Who am I really at the core? Who can I become if I would have the power to control my destiny? And how exactly can I do that? And the question of the humanity pops up: “The chicken or the egg came first?” Was I witnessing the abusive relationships because I believed in what the facilitator said, or was it destined for me to live them anyways? Can I re-shape my destiny or is it predestined? The same question also arises in science, in quantum law under the Copenhagen Interpretation — the observer’s paradox.

So what is the reality? If not just perception of the observer?


Well I do not know the answers yet but I know what I want to live, be, create so I will choose a better question to focus my mind and energy ‘coz wherever focus goes, energy flows: How can I shift my perception to a high quantum level so I get a “happy, healthy, wealthy, full of passion everlasting love”?

Since 2015 I raised my standards of my destiny, especially in intimate relationships. I started to practice, be and do what I wanted from the ONE simply I choosed to become THE one. I found the one within me, rather than trying to find it in someone else. Eg: Do I want honesty? — I do my best to be honest, with myself first. Do I want commitment? — I commit. Do I want to receive love? — I love and share love. Do I want to be respected? — I respect me and the people around me. Do I want fun?- I have fun and share Joy. Do I want to learn, grow and be inspired by my lover? — I inspire. Do I want presents, surprises from my future lover? — I buy presents and do surprises to myself and to the people around me. Do I want to be special? — I make myself feel special as well as the people around me. Simply, I decided to give all of me to me and become one with The One.


And magically, the quality and the standards of the people I attract to my life has shifted. And, every day I am excelling even more to stay connected to my core energy — feminine and say “No!” to men who have not healed their “feminine mask” yet.

I am loving the woman I’m becoming. Strong yet passionate & compassionate. I am love. I am Light. I am nice. I am kind. I am hardworking, a go-getter. I am fun, humorous. I am active. I am sportive. I am balanced. I am strong. I am courageous. I am powerful. I am healthy. I am determined. I am committed. I am the success. I am the achievement. I am patient. I am persistent. I am steady, stubborn in a positive way. I am a self-starter. I am art. I am the inspiration. I am secure. I trust. I am family and friend oriented. I am faithful. I am a leader. I am cooperation. I am win-win situations. I am diplomatic. I am selfless. I am sharing. ANDDDDD adding for 2018 I am a receiver. I am a magic maker, miracle creator. I am fame. I am abundance. I am wealth.

I am …

I am FREE — free from everything! All names, songs, possible destinies are meant to be mine, all in one with love & light. I am not my thoughts, emotions, actions; I am something way bigger than them. And I trust the plan ;)

I am… all that I am…



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