What are 4 Steps Jay Shetty share about purpose — having impactful lives, last night?

Yeliz Ruzgar
5 min readMay 20, 2020


Beautiful things are happening in the World as of now, almost like we are connecting through our hearts at last… Everyone is looking for a way to inspire, empower another, and without expecting anything in return.

I love it and it also makes me think if we are utilizing this period of time in history fully — I mean have really taken the time to isolate, stop and connect deeply within so our Truth can shine out?

Are we really learning the lesson COVID19 brought us? Or we are about the Zoom Out from online meetings? Are we still on the go and mostly doing rather than connecting within to our being?

As I was in a quest for millions of answers in my mind, former monk Jay Shetty came for help. His sentence made me re-think the Coronavirus process:

“You can not take anyone deeper than where you have been internaly.”

This year Tony Robbins partnered up with his 25 years International event organizer Success Resources and they created the world’s biggest virtual event so they serve even more to millions at times of Covid19 & post-Corona.

The first line up of the Virtual Success Summit was Tony Robbins, Tom Brady, Pitbull, Will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas), Russel Brand, and Jay Shetty. It was an honor to us to share this event with Turkey knowing that many can benefit of this high quality content for free for 90 Days.

Tony Robbins hosted Tomy Brady (yesssss Gisele Bündchen’s spouse:) first. Gosh, an amazing story he has shared his heart and how we failed over and over and watched others play but he says I did not watch only, I observed and learned over and over he says and I always dreamt of “that day… that one day… and no matter what I never gave up he says”. And Tony added how important it is to have a “compelling future”.

Will.i.am dear to heart — I personally was there when his part was shot. After he gave his motivational speech to 13.000 people, we partied within all night long in London, UK right after Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event. My personal highlight of him is — when he talks about Purpose and “Energy” — he says “I do NOT get energy — I actually GIVE energy. I AM Energy.”

Simply the best…. And that Circle of 5 question — Who are the people in your circle? I really felt gratitude while answering these questions cos I am surrounded by storytellers, peacemakers, and lovers of all kinds…

I truly feel blessed and LUCKY:)

Of course, Pitbull, who’s been taking the stage at Tony’s Unleash the Power Within events in Miami for the last over 5 years now, was amazing. His story and his breakthrough are a must listen as well as Russel Brand’s — he really made us think…

You know he is the British stand-up comedian, actor and author Russell Brand is one of the most colorful celebrities practicing T.M. — Transcendental Meditation. He talked about the true meanşng of spirituality.

And… Jay joined us from his home in Los Angeles during quarantine and lock-down. He started his share by sending love, joy, and peace. Yey man! V for Love, V for Peace…

He added the 4 Steps to create a meaningful life: START YOUR PASSION!

He mentioned that this lock-down is an amazing opportunity for us to question:

- What is my purpose in life?

- What is my passion?

- How can I pursue my passion? even create a life with it?

- How to make progress towards living on purpose?

And to be able to start your journey of purpose, step number 1:

You must find a way to overcome procrastination and overthinking! Start where ever you are, coz you are exactly where you need to be!

Step number 2: Ask the right questions!

Follow your interest or you follow your pain. Interesting huh? Pain can be the best place to look for your purpose. Right now what is one thing that is causing you stress and pain? I loved how he said passion is for YOU and purpose is for OTHERS.

Step number 3: Develop expertise, have a nich!

Learn more about your interest, read books, go to seminars, get coaching, mentorship around your interest.

Experiment, test what you have learned. Start experimenting with your interest.

Perform, after information and experimenting start performing. And at the stage of performing enjoy these 3 steps every year — Love.Learn.Launch

Struggle and last but not least Thrive!

Step number 4: Two questions that will transform your life:

……. at this stage Jay took all the watchers to a beautiful meditation so I will not spoil the joy of that meditation.

I still am feeling a little buzzed of it, even though the meditation is very similar to the ones I do in my Mana, Ikigai — Purpose events, still it wa svery very very influrntial to do it with Jay.

And one more thing that I like about Jay is — he is not one of those wishy, washy monks; he is very grounded and he can articulate spirituality in forms of actions.

Any how — Feel free to JOIN for FREE to this event watch it yourself….

Next round is going to be on 27.May and it will be focused on empowered, purposeful business!



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