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I feel super excited and honored to share that Uni. Verse listed National Yoga Month events… You might think what the heck is Yoga Month, let me share it’s magic with you…

It was 2006, I was just a new immigrant from Izmir to California with high hopes, dreams, wishes, and aspirations… but California Dreaming was not much unfolding as I have sung it to be… Maybe my Life Purpose (MANA) was aligning but I did know what I knew today back then…

There I was driving on the streets of Los Angeles, on a rainy day, feeling gloomy almost crying, not knowing what to do as I was working at a job I really did not enjoy, I was recently diagnosed with a bleeding ovarian cyst that needs to be operated, if not it could even lead to death, my visa was about to expire, I was in a relationship which I wasn’t even sure if we have a relationship or not:)

You get the whole pic., right? If not — feel free to check out my TEDx talk on this which I actually am sharing my truth.

Anyhow — It was time to make a decision! There was so much uncertainty as well as stress involved in my life that I was at the edge of losing my health! I wanted to follow my heart, pursue my dreams, find my life purpose, and transform it, into a business that I love but how… I was still busy with the fundamentals of life, the A.B.C I shall say. I have had spent all my savings to UCSD and UCLA extension classes. $300 in the bank and I’m still singing California Dreaming.

“It’s in your times of decision, your destiny is shaped.”

I had to make a decision, whether I was gonna take a leap of faith and set up my dream business which I came to California for, or I was going to create the old life I had in Turkey. It was time to change and It was time to make bold decisions! And that inner voice, that sweet melody of the soul said:

“Get out of the hospital, do not get the operation, let’s HEAL this bleeding cyst together and then let’s go out in the world to help other women to heal it, inspire them to their soul, life purpose….”

What??? Yes I was practicing yoga at home back in Izmir since there were no yoga studios in Turkey when I was 13 and were self-teaching myself occult practices, mystic, the spiritual paths from books (again this is the time when there was no Internet — I’m sure some do remember that time) but… but I ‘ve never been a “spiritual” or “religious” person and since my background is math and science, so what and how am I going to explain this “inner voice” — “in-sight”?

“When life calls you out on a purpose journey, lose your mind. And watch the magic flow.”

And so it is Amen! said the Afro-American, dread-lucked hair preacher said on that Sunday of March 2007 and there I was singing songs at this Unity Church — spiritual center right after I quit my job in LB, moved to San Fernando Valley and yes I did not go through the surgery either. As I was coming out of Agape, a lady with blonde hair, a shiny face approached, and handed me a CD. (Yes there were CDs at once:) She told me to watch this movie, she knew I have had taken NLP classes, Yoga Practices, and Sufi training, thanks to my friend Adri which shared the whole story with her.

Who would know that CD was the movie Secret and the blonde lady was Rhonda Byrne and that our dread-lucked preacher is Dr. Michael Beckwith?

My life started to change as I was shifting my consciousness. I was guided and protected, from a level of mind-over-matter. I started to take spirituality classes at Agape, as well as Kabbalah Center International and at nearly — ALL- and I mean really — ALL — yoga studios, whatever I could find on the way. There were no apps back then so I would collect the Weekly Newsletters of communities and I would schedule a yoga session/day. From Hatha to Bikram, Bikram to Anusara, Anusara yo Ashtanga, Iyengar to Nidra. Holistic health stores were my second home, after yoga studios.

Meanwhile, we would gather with my Hungarian girlfriends and we would practice Reiki, Acupuncture, and many ancient techniques on me to heal my bleeding cysts. It was one of those nights that we have watched the Secret 15th time and were on an energy healing session, I said you know what I wanna do that ritual of “My perfect client on my Lİfe Purpose” that I heard couple of days ago on Hay House Radio. So I started to write and write and write… almost 4 full pages on that New Moon of Cancer (June 2007) night I journaled my “Ideal Client”

I wanna work with a company which I will need to travel from a health convention to another one, I want a job that I will get to practice Yoga every day, I want a job that I can inspire people, energize them through energy medicine and help them transform… Dream, dream, dream… California Dreaming right?

Well, September 2007 Johannes, a dear friend of mine and a visionary which had no idea about my “Ideal Client Ritual” came to my small office in Marina del Rey and said, “Yeliz, I’m visioning a 10 City Yoga & Health Festivals all around the U.S.A. and I really would love you to partner up with me, be on board but I also would like to hire you to run heart-centered marketing for this project.”

I was almost gonna faint, it was just 2 months ago that I did a ritual on this, now you want to pay me $ 30K to go all around States to yoga studios, spiritual conferences, and healthy food & practice stores. Wow! don’t I love you Universe:)

And so it is Amin. And so I did…. Johannes produced a total of 10 big Yoga & Health Festivals. We started in Denver and Arianna Huffington did our opening speech. NY, Donna Karen hosted us in her studio… it was bliss… And later on, the Department of Health and Wellness officially designated September as National Yoga Month. This annual observance is a great opportunity to raise awareness and educate Americans about the health benefits associated with yoga.

When I was back in Turkey in 2011, I kept on supporting Yoga Month and was on board, and recently that whole movement of a dream transformed into Lifestyle Medicine University. Feel free to check Johannes’ profile on powercoaching.us too.

And on my journey of Life Purpose when I met Love Mafia almost 4 years ago and started giving classes on MANA Life Purpose, I knew the universe is still guiding me and magically when Eda Carmikli & Markus Lehto invited me to be on this festival, it was time to UNITE dreams. I am very grateful and proud to be Love Mafia member, as well as and utopian, dreaming for a better world with amazing people and serving for the Greater Good…

Guess what…. 2020 (Uni.Verse) …. 2008 (Yoga Month)…. exactly 12 years ago, soul-cycle …. again my topic was Life Purpose MANA… Nothing is a coincidence. This is a sign:)

….. and on this 21.Jun.2020 New Moon of Cancer I RE-created my Ideal Customer:):):) Big revelations are on the way…

Let there be peace, love, and unity…..

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