Do not survive but thrive!

This was a phrase I heard back in 2008/9 at the time of Great Recession when Tony Robbins was organizing his Business Mastery training in Las Vegas. It was such a powerful phrase backed with business & leadership solutions for crises, change, recession — it stayed with me forever.

Now when a crisis comes up I go as: Let’s not survive, let’s thrive!

Positive vocabulary is contagious; we must have more of it, share it be it!

And so we did — Last night with Tony Robbins’ head assist in Europe, with Ricardo Mendoza we talked about Purpose, Values, 7 Levels of Leadership Consciousness — Barrett Model, Emotional Intelligence — Goleman, History of Recessions, Post-War Hero’s, How to find certainty at times of uncertainty… Phewww it was unbelievable!

We had in total 2003 viewers from Turkey, Portugal, the UK, of Switzerland, Australia and the U.S.A. Not only through’ social media but it was aired on Joint Idea’s Instagram and also Women on Stage from Switzerland.

It was more than a share, it was more like a motivational event full of valuable, proven, applicable content that anyone can start using it as of today. Till to the morning, I kept on receiving text messages stating that the share put them in a positive state, gave them hope, a big smile to move forward with courage and step by step action items so the concept doesn’t stay as a wish only but also can turn into strategic planning.

Australia — 3 AM!!

I believe in deciding, committing, and executing — which brings success and so did our viewers from different nations. It was their commitment and action ignited the passion in their hearts.

Well much talked about it right :) Here is the link for the ones missed it LIVE last night:

Overall this 4 simple steps are still ringing in my ears; at times of trouble:

1. Focus on what you can control!

2. Focus on what you can influence!

3. Focus on what you have!


And so it is! AMEN! Our next session will be aired on the 13th of May!

Stay tuned!



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Yeliz Ruzgar

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