3 Steps to “Spiritual Awakening” by raising your brain waves to Gamma!

Egyptian Eye of The Ra and The Human Pineal Gland
  1. You become who you hang out with: Find one or more people who are awakened to love, kindness and compassion, people who are vibrating at Gamma frequencies. Add them on social meadia, read their blogs & books, hang out, meditate, breath with them. Learn from them, the way they think, the way they perceive the World, model what they eat, drink, do and don’t do.
  2. Use brainwave entrainments technologies: Technologies like neuro & biofeedback, new devices, and gadgets that helps us to synchronize to desired brain wavelengths are called “Brain Wave Entrainments”. Light, color psychology, sound, vibration, energy is used to create this synchronization.
  3. Consume high vibrational, nutritional superfoods: Superfoods are mostly plant-based, seldom fish & dairy. Spirulina, Moringa Oleifera, Matcha, Raw Cacao, all-berry family are the most nutritional superfoods. Interestingly most of the above superfoods were also used for “spiritual ceremonies” in the ancient times for “spiritual awakening”.



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Yeliz Ruzgar

Yeliz Ruzgar


Inspire.Energize.Transform — V for Love, V for Peace, Yeliz’s holistic programs, speeches empower people to create a lifestyle that supports their core purpose.